Sunday, April 16, 2006

If I Ruled the World

Originally posted on, March 13, 2006:
I put in an actual amendment in the Bill of Rights saying that there should be a clear and definite division between church and state.

I would make Jerusalem a city-state (Similar to the Vatican), governed by a council made up of three members, one political, one religious, and one military, from each of the three religions affiliated with the city (Catholics, Muslims, and Jews), and one non voting moderator that is agreed upon by all voting members of the council. All decisions that effect the city-state must be approved by at least 7 of the 9 voting members of the council. (Sound familiar? It's the Grey Council from Babylon 5)

Only three commercials would be allowed during every commercial break, and only two commercial breaks would be allowed during every half hour of programming.

Mtv and VH-1 would be required to air at least 14 hours of music programming (Not reality shows) a day.

Infomercials would be banned from network and cable channels and would only be allowed to air on Infomercial only channels.

"Non-Profit" groups and religious organizations would be subject to bi annual audits by the IRS, as well as one "Surprise" audit a year, to make sure that all funds are accounted for and not misused.

Public education would be paramount, second only to national defense.

Prostitution, and Marijuana would be legalized, and heavily taxed. All funds raised would be used to subsidize public education, public health care, and social security.

All television series would be required to release full DVD box sets, and not individual DVD releases with only 3-5 episodes each. (This one is mostly directed to anime companies. Damn money hungry bastages)

I would make Superbowl Sunday an international holiday.

I would eliminate the current BCS system, and have the top eight ranked teams play in a tournament to decide the national champion. The ranking system will be based on a national coaches poll.

I would eliminate the current NCAA basketball system. All teams would be reorganized into 32 conferences with 10 or 11 teams per conference sorted by region. NO EXCEPTIONS! There will be no conference tournament; the team that finishes the season with the best record is the conference champion. In the event of a tie, there will be a playoff. The conference champion will continue on to the NCAA tournament to play for the national championship. Seeds will be established by a ranking system based on a national coaches poll.

I would do away with Affirmative Action, and change college admissions rules by requiring that names not be included on applications. Personal information would be only on the cover page, which is removed and filed away before the rest of the application is evaluated. From hence forth, a number identifies the person on the application so that they can be evaluated based only on their achievements, thus eliminating decisions based social status, ethnicity, or economical standing.

Instead of 5 8-hour day workweeks, I would make a 4 10-hour day workweek.


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