Saturday, April 22, 2006

Call Sheet Broken Down: Major LOST Season Finale Spoilers

Major Season Finale Spoilers! You have been forewarned!

Here is a video report on the infamous "Call Sheet" that has been making it's way around the net by Ryan from the Transmission.

For those of you who haven't seen the call sheet yet, here it is.

You can see an unminimized pic here:

Scenes in order according to how they would appear in the episode:
EP = Episode
SC = Scene
INT = Internal
EXT = External

EP 221:
SC 18- INT- Coffee Shop- LA- Flashback (2000): Libby buys Desmond a coffee, got 42 thousand?
SC 19- INT- Coffee Shop Table- LA Flashback (2000): Libby offers Desmond her boat
SC x45 INT- Sydney Airport- Flashback: Charlotte delivers message to Eko- Libby asks if all right

EP 223-224:
SC 8 INT - Prison: Desmond is let out of Prison
SC 9 EXT - Prison: Desmond is let out of Prison/sees Widmore
SC 10 INT Prison (Bentley): Widmore tells Desmond off
SC 23 EXT - Jungle: Rose talks with Locke
SC 27 EXT- Stadium: Desmond talks with Penny
SC 41 EXT - New Beach: Desmond coming awake on shore
SC 42 EXT - New Beach/Jungle: Desmond carried to hatch
SC 46, 47 EXT - Hatch Shaft Entrance: Eko pulls himself out
SC 53 EXT - Jungle: Charlie shows where the dynamite is
SC 55 EXT - Hatch Shaft Entrance: Charlie and Eko enter hatch
SC 69 EXT - Jungle: Kelvin (Photo Dbl) marching thru jungle/Desmond folows
SC 72 EXT - Jungle: Desmond running back to Hatch
SC 88 EXT - Beach: They hear the sound/Hatch door lands

Props List:
Ep 220 Sc 45- Boarding passes, Luggage, name tags; Costumes- on workers
Ep 223-224 Sc 18, 19- To go coffee cups, wallet, English pounds, Sailing brochure w/ photos of Widmore and boats

Based on Ryan’s video report, this call sheet looks legit. I’m not even going to bother to try and theorize about what is going on in the Desmond flashbacks. The only thing that we can be sure about is that according to the call sheet:

1. Desmond was in prison for some reason, and that he knew Widmore (EP 223-224, SC 8-10) and Libby (EP 220 SC 18-19).
2. Desmond may have bought the boat that he used in his “Race around the world” from Libby (SC 18- got 42 thousand? / SC 19- Libby offers Desmond her boat).
3. The coffee shop that they are in is in LA, and Desmond just doesn’t have American money (Props- wallet, English Pounds / EP 220, SC 18- Libby buys Desmond a coffee).
4. Libby may have met Eko before the flight (SC x45- Charlotte delivers message to Eko- Libby asks if all right).
5. Desmond was telling the truth about how he came to be in the hatch (SC 41- Desmond coming awake on shore / SC 42- Desmond carried to hatch).
6. There really was a Kelvin (SC 69- Kelvin (Photo Dbl) marching thru jungle/Desmond follows).
7. Something happens to Kelvin (SC 72- Desmond running back to Hatch).

Based on the scene descriptions, this is what I think will happen in the season finale. Please remember that this is all speculation on my part, and I am only interpreting information from the call sheet.

In an attempt to bring down the blast doors to get another look at the black light map, Locke somehow causes another lock down. Unfortunately, something goes wrong trapping Charlie and Eko (Who may have been in the hatch to gather tools needed to build the church) in the hatch with Lock. They devise a plan to use the hatch shaft to get out (SC 46, 47 EXT - Hatch Shaft Entrance: Eko pulls himself out). Locke stays in the hatch, possibly to copy down the map, possibly because his injuries prevent him from scaling the ladder up the shaft, or he is somehow gravely injured and Eko and Charlie must now go to seek help. Charlie takes Eko to the gun stash where they can get a stick of dynamite. Probably one of the sticks left over from the season one finale “Exodus” (SC 53 EXT - Jungle: Charlie shows where the dynamite is). They return to the hatch with the dynamite (SC 55 EXT - Hatch Shaft Entrance: Charlie and Eko enter hatch). From here, one of two things may happen:

1. Charlie and Eko use the dynamite to blast down the blast door.
2. The dynamite goes off before planned, causing major damages to the hatch, and leaving the cliff-hanging question “Did they survive?”

The final scene will be reactions of people on the beach as they hear a loud explosion. They will then cut back to the hatch where we will see the blast door falling (SC 88- They hear the sound/Hatch door lands). Cut to black screen with LOST logo.

I may be nitpicking, but I did notice several grammatical errors while examining this document. Although, I admit that I have never seen a call sheet before, such noticeable errors stood out to me.

Libby asks if all right- Why not “Libby asks if everything is all right”?

Desmond coming awake on shore- Why not “Desmond awakens or wakes up on shore”?

Kelvin (Photo Dbl) marching thru jungle/Desmond folows- Notice that “follows” is misspelled.

Again, I’m probably nitpicking but a spoiler this big can and should be filed under the “Too Good To Be True” category. As such it, as well as any other possible spoiler, should be taken with a grain of salt.

Here is another thing about the call sheet that could indicate its validity. It says that they would be filming at Aloha Stadium on April 20th. I went by the stadium yesterday (April 20th), and nothing was going on. However, when I drove by the stadium today (April 21st), the stadium lights were on, and there are no public events planned in the stadium today. This leads me to think that either they intentionally leaked the call sheet with a few altered dates and times, or the sheet is legit, and they altered their shooting schedule to account for the leak.


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