Thursday, April 27, 2006

Remembering My Days In Camelot

As I stated earlier in my first post, one of the things that I used to keep me occupied on many sleepless nights was play Online Games. The one that I played the longest, almost four years, was Dark Age of Camelot. Although I loved the game, the thing that really made the game fun for me was the group of people that I played with. This sounds cheesy, but for a while, the people I met online were among my closet friends and dare I say family. The thing about online games is that in order to really advance in the game, you have to spent A LOT of time playing online. When I had friends who regularly logged on, I never noticed how long I was on. It’s true when they say that time flies when you are having fun.

However, as all-good things do, this one soon game to an end. One by one, friends would leave the game for various reasons. Some, like fellow guild mates Morgower (Who introduced me to the game), Lenice, Ursalla, Lacan and Faldier, moved on to newer games like World of Warcraft. One guildie, Penny, was a teacher who at any given time took care of anywhere from three to six foster children. Sadly, she made the decision that she needed to devote more of her time to real life responsibilities, and had to stop playing.

Thanks to server clustering, I had fallen in with a group of players from another server. Now in a regular group with players named Meluv, Tlok, Ryah, Blessings, Malicron, Frosty, and Elvys. I had a blast in RvR. For a time, joined guild mates on other games like Horizons: Empire of Istaria, and World of Warcraft, but after a while, I too decided to retire from gaming. I had started a new job, which required far more time than the job that I had when I started playing, and didn’t have the hours needed to devote to such a time consuming game.

This is definitely one of those "Life's Obsession" type of games. Leveling up your character is definitely not a problem with this game, especially after Mythic instituted the free level timer, which basically gives you a free level if you go a week with out leveling. Then with the release of the “Catacombs” expansion and it’s task dungeons, gung-ho players could easily level up a character to 50 in the matter of days. What makes building your character difficult is the acquisition of artifacts, for which you need the expansion “Trials of Atlantis”, which are armor, and weapons with special abilities. To acquire your artifact, first you have to do a quest, many, which require several groups to complete. Then you have to hunt down three scrolls, which are random drops from specific mobs, so that you can activate the artifact. Then, you have the level the artifacts, which can only be done, in certain areas. Although, Mythic has since changed this to make it somewhat easier, but not much.

After you have leveled your artifacts, then you need your Master Levels, also through the ToA expansion, which are various quests that you have to do to gain added abilities. And again, you have to gain experience to level up these abilities. When I used to play this game, I regularly referred to ToA as Mythic’s way of making level 50 players (The highest level you can get in this game) work for xp again. Basically, ToA has made it virtually impossible for the casual gamer to hope to compete in the Realm vs. Realm combat.

However, even before ToA was released, the Realm Abilities system means death to the casual gamer. As a reward for kills in RvR combat, you are awarded Ream Points, which you can use to learn different abilities, or to augment your character’s various stats. The more RPs your character has, the more RAs it can get. It is not uncommon for long time players to have tens of millions of points accumulated, which basically make them unbeatable in a one on one fight, and down right deadly in grouped combat. The only way that you could ever hope to compete is if you play for 8+ HOURS A DAY, EVERYDAY. That is the only way that you would ever be able to acquire the RPs necessary to gain the RAs needed to excel. Pick up groups just can't compete in this game. You have to be a part of a set group to really kick butt in RvR. I have to say, that I was a Minstrel with a set group of players, and it was the most fun I have ever had on any game I have ever played. When you are with a good group, no other game comes close, but if you don't have a core group, then this can be the worse game ever created.

Add in, the advantage that players gain using third party programs. Such programs are: “Radars”, which allows you to see where every mob, and player (both friendly and enemy players including those who are stealthed) are “Speed Hacks”, which allow players to run faster than anything in the game for an infinite amount of time (I can’t tell you how many times that I have seen Rogues out run my Minstrel which is supposed to be the fastest class in the game), and the immortal “God Mode”, which makes it so that you don’t take any damage, and hence cannot die. These programs give players an impossible advantage over other players, and it is a safe bet that most if not all of the top players use one or all of these programs.

The true downfall of this game however is that the classes differ from realm to realm which has created over powered classes like the Infiltrator in Albion, the Bonedancer in Midgard, and the Bard, and Animist in Hibernia. In an attempt to create diversity between realms, Mythic has instead created an unbalanced gaming system. Then, through another expansion (Catacombs), Mythic has added Warlocks in Midgard, and Banshees and Vampiirs in Hibernia in an attempt to even out the realms, but instead, made it even more unbalanced. This problem could have been avoided during the games inception if they only made it so that every realm had the same classes as the others. This way, the effectiveness of the character would have come from the skill of the player and not the power of the class.

Since I left the game, Mythic has released yet another expansion called “Darkness Raising”. I, of course, looked into it on the off chance something might be included in it that may excite me enough to reopen my account. Much to my dismay, I found that it is basically another ToA in which new, more powerful weapons, armor and abilities are made available. Even though all that I would have to do is reactivate my account and simply upgrade the equipment on my various characters, as much as I loved this game in the past, I just don’t have the time, patience, nor desire to spend hour after hour, day after day in a futile attempt to bring my characters up to snuff. Especially when no matter what I do, it is virtually impossible to level the playing field. I do admit, though, that there are times when I am tempted to log on and look around.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Featured Theories About Lost

Here are a few Podcasts in which my theories about LOST have been featured.

Call Sheet Broken Down: Major LOST Season Finale Spoilers

Major Season Finale Spoilers! You have been forewarned!

Here is a video report on the infamous "Call Sheet" that has been making it's way around the net by Ryan from the Transmission.

For those of you who haven't seen the call sheet yet, here it is.

You can see an unminimized pic here:

Scenes in order according to how they would appear in the episode:
EP = Episode
SC = Scene
INT = Internal
EXT = External

EP 221:
SC 18- INT- Coffee Shop- LA- Flashback (2000): Libby buys Desmond a coffee, got 42 thousand?
SC 19- INT- Coffee Shop Table- LA Flashback (2000): Libby offers Desmond her boat
SC x45 INT- Sydney Airport- Flashback: Charlotte delivers message to Eko- Libby asks if all right

EP 223-224:
SC 8 INT - Prison: Desmond is let out of Prison
SC 9 EXT - Prison: Desmond is let out of Prison/sees Widmore
SC 10 INT Prison (Bentley): Widmore tells Desmond off
SC 23 EXT - Jungle: Rose talks with Locke
SC 27 EXT- Stadium: Desmond talks with Penny
SC 41 EXT - New Beach: Desmond coming awake on shore
SC 42 EXT - New Beach/Jungle: Desmond carried to hatch
SC 46, 47 EXT - Hatch Shaft Entrance: Eko pulls himself out
SC 53 EXT - Jungle: Charlie shows where the dynamite is
SC 55 EXT - Hatch Shaft Entrance: Charlie and Eko enter hatch
SC 69 EXT - Jungle: Kelvin (Photo Dbl) marching thru jungle/Desmond folows
SC 72 EXT - Jungle: Desmond running back to Hatch
SC 88 EXT - Beach: They hear the sound/Hatch door lands

Props List:
Ep 220 Sc 45- Boarding passes, Luggage, name tags; Costumes- on workers
Ep 223-224 Sc 18, 19- To go coffee cups, wallet, English pounds, Sailing brochure w/ photos of Widmore and boats

Based on Ryan’s video report, this call sheet looks legit. I’m not even going to bother to try and theorize about what is going on in the Desmond flashbacks. The only thing that we can be sure about is that according to the call sheet:

1. Desmond was in prison for some reason, and that he knew Widmore (EP 223-224, SC 8-10) and Libby (EP 220 SC 18-19).
2. Desmond may have bought the boat that he used in his “Race around the world” from Libby (SC 18- got 42 thousand? / SC 19- Libby offers Desmond her boat).
3. The coffee shop that they are in is in LA, and Desmond just doesn’t have American money (Props- wallet, English Pounds / EP 220, SC 18- Libby buys Desmond a coffee).
4. Libby may have met Eko before the flight (SC x45- Charlotte delivers message to Eko- Libby asks if all right).
5. Desmond was telling the truth about how he came to be in the hatch (SC 41- Desmond coming awake on shore / SC 42- Desmond carried to hatch).
6. There really was a Kelvin (SC 69- Kelvin (Photo Dbl) marching thru jungle/Desmond follows).
7. Something happens to Kelvin (SC 72- Desmond running back to Hatch).

Based on the scene descriptions, this is what I think will happen in the season finale. Please remember that this is all speculation on my part, and I am only interpreting information from the call sheet.

In an attempt to bring down the blast doors to get another look at the black light map, Locke somehow causes another lock down. Unfortunately, something goes wrong trapping Charlie and Eko (Who may have been in the hatch to gather tools needed to build the church) in the hatch with Lock. They devise a plan to use the hatch shaft to get out (SC 46, 47 EXT - Hatch Shaft Entrance: Eko pulls himself out). Locke stays in the hatch, possibly to copy down the map, possibly because his injuries prevent him from scaling the ladder up the shaft, or he is somehow gravely injured and Eko and Charlie must now go to seek help. Charlie takes Eko to the gun stash where they can get a stick of dynamite. Probably one of the sticks left over from the season one finale “Exodus” (SC 53 EXT - Jungle: Charlie shows where the dynamite is). They return to the hatch with the dynamite (SC 55 EXT - Hatch Shaft Entrance: Charlie and Eko enter hatch). From here, one of two things may happen:

1. Charlie and Eko use the dynamite to blast down the blast door.
2. The dynamite goes off before planned, causing major damages to the hatch, and leaving the cliff-hanging question “Did they survive?”

The final scene will be reactions of people on the beach as they hear a loud explosion. They will then cut back to the hatch where we will see the blast door falling (SC 88- They hear the sound/Hatch door lands). Cut to black screen with LOST logo.

I may be nitpicking, but I did notice several grammatical errors while examining this document. Although, I admit that I have never seen a call sheet before, such noticeable errors stood out to me.

Libby asks if all right- Why not “Libby asks if everything is all right”?

Desmond coming awake on shore- Why not “Desmond awakens or wakes up on shore”?

Kelvin (Photo Dbl) marching thru jungle/Desmond folows- Notice that “follows” is misspelled.

Again, I’m probably nitpicking but a spoiler this big can and should be filed under the “Too Good To Be True” category. As such it, as well as any other possible spoiler, should be taken with a grain of salt.

Here is another thing about the call sheet that could indicate its validity. It says that they would be filming at Aloha Stadium on April 20th. I went by the stadium yesterday (April 20th), and nothing was going on. However, when I drove by the stadium today (April 21st), the stadium lights were on, and there are no public events planned in the stadium today. This leads me to think that either they intentionally leaked the call sheet with a few altered dates and times, or the sheet is legit, and they altered their shooting schedule to account for the leak.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Same Sex Marriage Discussion

Originally posted on Myspace, April 13, 2006 2:31am:
Here is an excerpt from a forum discussion I was involved with on the Off Topic board at This discussion took place over several days, and is actually still going on. As lover of great debating, I thought that it was interesting exchange.

You wrote: I don't see god smiting down homosexuals, so until then, everyone should just let them be. God is the only one who can judge any of us. As Whoopi Goldberg once said, "If you don't like homosexuals, then don't marry one."

melodymaestra wrote: whoopi quote is great...

crazy_legs_1205: It has nothing to do with liking homosexuals or not. It's about upholding the definition of marriage, which is seen as sacred or special, and shouldn't be changed. Many people who are fine with homosexuality are still against same-sex marriage. I don't think that five-year-olds should be allowed to get married, but that doesn't mean that I'm prejudice against five-year-olds. It's just that five-year-olds don't fit into the traditional definition of marriage, which is that marriage is for mature adults. Similarly, same-sex couples don't fit into the definition of marriage, which is that it is between one man and one woman. And again, this is just how I personally feel.

EVILBSTD wrote: Why do all the liberals in this thread have such a hard time respecting other opinions than their own?

LSyd wrote: I'm fairly liberal myself. I don't have a hard time respecting the opinions of others, I just hate it when people use their opinions in order to prevent others from having certain rights that others take for granted. Fine, you don't want it to be the same as marriage. But homosexuals should at least be able to have a 'civil union' which works in a similar fashion and confers upon the couple the same rights and status for various services as a heterosexual married couple would otherwise have. For example, some things require a couple to be married - a de facto homosexual relationship doesn't work. There should be at least some form of recognition for a homosexual couple similar to marriage for legal purposes.

You wrote: The same could be said for a lot of conservatives. The only problem that I have with Conservatives is that they feel that because they live a certain way, everyone has to live the same way. If you don't like Broccoli, then that doesn't mean that no one can have it. Just because you don't like same sex marriage, doesn't mean that homosexuals should be deprived of it. I've said it before, and it still applies.

"If you don't like homosexuals, then don't marry one." -Whoopie Goldberg-

crazy_legs_1205 wrote: Well, a lot of liberals look down on everyone who doesn't like all the "fresh new ideas" that they have. So they're just as guilty.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: it has nothing to do with liking homosexuals or not.

You wrote: And a lot of conservatives look down on liberals because they have "fresh new ideas" contradictory to their own.

crazy_legs_1205 wrote: And a lot of liberals look down on conservatives because they have traditional ideas contradictory to their fresh new ones.

You wrote: Not all "fresh new ideas" are necessarily bad. If no one had them, then there would still be segregation, Social security would never have been instituted, Prohibition would never have been repealed, and women would not be able to vote. Like women's suffrage in the 1900's, prohibition in the 1920's, and segregation in the 1950's; same sex marriage is just our generation's social issue. At the time, people were vehemently against desegregation in the 50's. When Truman desegregated the military in 1954, he did it against great opposition. People hated it at the time, but they eventually got over it. It is the same thing with same sex marriage.

melodymaestra wrote: good point.

crazy_legs_1205 wrote: And not all traditional ideas are necessarily bad either. I don't see what's so wrong about wanting to keep certain things the same.

Humblah wrote: There isn't anything wrong with keeping some things the same. But when someone's civil liberties are in question, maybe it's time for change. Think that a lot of that "sanctity of marriage" stuff is rather hypocritical.

crazy_legs_1205 wrote: There are laws against marrying someone closely related to you. Doesn't that infringe on someone's "civil liberty" to marry their sibling or cousin?

There are laws against marrying someone if you're already married. Doesn't that infringe on someone's "civil liberty" to have seven wives?

There are laws against minors marrying. Doesn't that infringe on a kindergartener's "civil liberty" to marry the cute little girl that sits across from him?

The answer to all of these questions is NO. Having "civil liberties" doesn't mean that you are allowed to do anything and everything you want. It means you have certain rights that the law grants you. The law grants every adult the right to marry, as long as they fulfill certain qualifications. And one of those qualifications should be that the person they marry be of the opposite sex. It's not out of discrimination against gays; it just how marriage is defined.

Similarly, there are certain qualifications you must meet in order to run for president. Two of these are that you must have been born in the U.S. and that you must be at least 35 years old. This is not out of discrimination against naturalized citizens or young people; it's just how the law has defined it.

You wrote: It's funny that you use the word discrimination.
Function: noun
1 a : the act of discriminating b : the process by which two stimuli differing in some aspect are responded to differently
2 : the quality or power of finely distinguishing
3 a : the act, practice, or an instance of discriminating categorically rather than individually b : prejudiced or prejudicial outlook, action, or treatment

Now, how is not allowing tax paying citizens to marry because they are homosexual not discrimination?

crazy_legs_1205 wrote: Sorry about that. I was using "discrimination" in the negative sense that most people think of it, not the more neutral dictionary sense. When people hear "discrimination" they usually think of unjust hatred and bigotry. That's what I was talking about. Most people aren't against same-sex marriage because of bigotry toward gays. A lot of people are fine with gay people, but just can't agree with same-sex marriage.

You wrote: You didn't answer my question. How is it not discrimination?

crazy_legs_1205 wrote: You asked "how is not allowing citizens to marry because they are homosexual not discrimination". My point is, being against same-sex marriage isn't the same as being against gay people. We don't forbid same-sex marriage because we don't like people's sexual orientation. We forbid it because two people of the same sex marrying doesn't fit into the definition of "marriage". It's not about sexuality; it's about upholding the definition of marriage.

You wrote: A definition that is based on a Judeo-Christian belief. A definition, which was in fact changed in many states to specifically say "between a man and a woman" to prevent homosexuals from getting married. Laws changing the definition of marriage were passed with the sole purpose of removing a group's civil rights just for being different. THAT is discrimination.

schyzofroggy wrote: Agree, well said

crazy_legs_1205 wrote: Are you sure about that? There's a branch of Judaism that allows same-sex marriages, and there are certain Christian churches that do as well. Even if you do consider it "discrimination," I'd say that not allowing gays in the military is even more discriminatory. That is undoubtedly about their sexuality and nothing else.

You wrote: The military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy does not prohibit homosexuals from joining the military. Homosexuals are free to join the military if they choose. The military opposed desegregation, but they adapted. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell may not necessarily be politically correct, but its progress.

Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin Judaeus Jew -- more at JEW
: having historical roots in both Judaism and Christianity

Judeo-Christian refers to a commonly held belief. Yes I know that there are different denominations that do condone same sex marriage, Unitarians for example which are the church that my Lesbian cousins attend, but these are looked upon by Judaism and Christianity as fringe groups. A lot of Jews and Christians follow the belief set forth in the bible. Just because it is in the bible, that doesn't mean that people should be stripped of their civil liberties.

LSyd wrote: Not all children who live with homosexual couples are adopted. An example is my brother's friend. His father divorced and left, and his mother is now in a lesbian relationship. He is currently living with his mother and her partner.

This kid is perfectly normal, despite living in a house with the two "parents" being the same sex. There is nothing wrong with this, just like there shouldn't be anything wrong with a homosexual couple adopting a child if it is in the child's best interests. But for that to be possible, there needs to be some form of legal recognition for a homosexual relationship equivalent to marriage which is currently available to heterosexual couples, and adoption needs to be available to people in said legally recognized relationship.

You wrote: Agreed. Two of my cousins are gay with children, and they are perfectly normal well-adjusted kids. Granted they have their average teen issues, but no more than any other kid.

If I Ruled the World

Originally posted on, March 13, 2006:
I put in an actual amendment in the Bill of Rights saying that there should be a clear and definite division between church and state.

I would make Jerusalem a city-state (Similar to the Vatican), governed by a council made up of three members, one political, one religious, and one military, from each of the three religions affiliated with the city (Catholics, Muslims, and Jews), and one non voting moderator that is agreed upon by all voting members of the council. All decisions that effect the city-state must be approved by at least 7 of the 9 voting members of the council. (Sound familiar? It's the Grey Council from Babylon 5)

Only three commercials would be allowed during every commercial break, and only two commercial breaks would be allowed during every half hour of programming.

Mtv and VH-1 would be required to air at least 14 hours of music programming (Not reality shows) a day.

Infomercials would be banned from network and cable channels and would only be allowed to air on Infomercial only channels.

"Non-Profit" groups and religious organizations would be subject to bi annual audits by the IRS, as well as one "Surprise" audit a year, to make sure that all funds are accounted for and not misused.

Public education would be paramount, second only to national defense.

Prostitution, and Marijuana would be legalized, and heavily taxed. All funds raised would be used to subsidize public education, public health care, and social security.

All television series would be required to release full DVD box sets, and not individual DVD releases with only 3-5 episodes each. (This one is mostly directed to anime companies. Damn money hungry bastages)

I would make Superbowl Sunday an international holiday.

I would eliminate the current BCS system, and have the top eight ranked teams play in a tournament to decide the national champion. The ranking system will be based on a national coaches poll.

I would eliminate the current NCAA basketball system. All teams would be reorganized into 32 conferences with 10 or 11 teams per conference sorted by region. NO EXCEPTIONS! There will be no conference tournament; the team that finishes the season with the best record is the conference champion. In the event of a tie, there will be a playoff. The conference champion will continue on to the NCAA tournament to play for the national championship. Seeds will be established by a ranking system based on a national coaches poll.

I would do away with Affirmative Action, and change college admissions rules by requiring that names not be included on applications. Personal information would be only on the cover page, which is removed and filed away before the rest of the application is evaluated. From hence forth, a number identifies the person on the application so that they can be evaluated based only on their achievements, thus eliminating decisions based social status, ethnicity, or economical standing.

Instead of 5 8-hour day workweeks, I would make a 4 10-hour day workweek. vs.

Originally posted on, February 10, 2006 3:29pm:
I recently saw a thread where people were talking about how users have been steadily switching over to a site similar to this one called I decided to take a look at what this site had to offer, and the following post are my impressions of the differences between the two sites.

Well I have had a TVrage account for a week now,
One difference between the two sites, is that the forums are not nearly as developed as they are on As a matter of fact, just based on the forum traffic, it is my assumption that the population on TVrage is far fewer than Once I came to that conclusion, is suddenly became clear to me why the site is, or atleast appeares to be so fast.

For the sake of comparison, lets say that the population of TVrage is roughly half of's, and that they have the same number of staff running the site. This alone would explain how the site is able to run so fast, how submissions are approved right away, and why user issues resolved so quickly. Basically, if there are half the number of users with the same amount of staff as, that translates to roughly half the number of submissions that need to be aprooved, half the number of users using up memory on their servers, half the amount of information on their servers, and half the amount of problems associated with running a site as complicated as

Probably the first thing that made me apprehensive about TVrage, was the under population of the forums. One of the main reasons that I log on to is the interaction on the various forums. While looking around on TVrage, I was literally shoocked at how underpopulated the boards were. Hugely popular boards on like Lost, CSI, 24, OC, Smallville had maybe 10 active threads on them, some of them less.

Another difference between the two sites is how easily one can become an editor. As you recall, I stated before that I have been a member of TVrage for only a week, and I'm already an editor for two shows. Before I continue, let me officially say, that I am not condoning the use of this information as an exploit. I am only using this as an example of ways that the two sites are different. Use of the following information is a blatant exploit, and is a violation of the TOS of both sites.

I have found that the contribution system there is somewhat odd. Unlike here, where you become an editor by accumilating points for making submissions on a show or person. At TVrage, points are cumulative. Any points for individual shows are added to a total. The requirement there to become an editor is 40 points. Not 40 points in one show, but 40 points total. I had earned 26 points for submitting info to the show I wanted to become editor for, but because of submissions that I made to other shows, I had the pre-requisite 40 points. I filled out the online application to become editor, and it was approved with in a matter of hours.

Here on, you can becone the editor to as many shows that you are willing to work on as long as you have the required number of points from contributing to that show. Here is another difference between the two sites. On TVrage, to become a editor for a second show, you need a total of 80 points, 120 points for a third, etc. Again, all points don't necissarily have to be in the show that you wish to edit, as a matter of fact, you don't have to have any points in the show you wish to become editor for. I had earned 80 points for various contributions, and decided, as a goof, to apply to be the editor for a show that I had made zero submissions to. I filled out the application, and the next day, to my surprise, it was approved.

Although I used this loophole be become editor of another show, it's not like I did it for the sake of being editor. I was planning on applying to become editor for that show in the future. After becoming editor, I had begun contributing show information, so I am fulfilling my role as editor, and not just letting the guide sit vacant.

One thing that I did like about TVrage is the ability to search and track blogs. There is a "Recent Blogs" page that shows the 25 most recent blog entries by members of the community. it deffinitly made it it easier to surf through the site, and see what is on people's minds. However, while perusing the various blogs, I found that there is a large population there who hold a certain distain for, and a few notable users as well. I was confused as to what was it about this site that pissed so many people off. Then, as I continued to read through the numberous hate posts, I found that a majority of them were made by people banned from for various TOS infractions. It makes sence, the people who are banned from have to go somewhere. It's just too bad that they can't accept the fact that they were not arbitrarily banned for no reason, but that they were banned because of what was probably numberous violations. I'm sure that they all were given more than their fair share of warnings and second or even third chances.

Probably the biggest factor that has over TVrage is the internet search. If you do an internet search for a show, whether it be on Yahoo, Google, whatever, will always be one of the sites shown on the results page. I have been testing this for a few days now on different shows, and has yeat to show up on the results page.

To finish this post, I would like to say that after a week surfing around on TV.rage, I still prefer over TVrage. Yes TVrage is faster and less buggy, but is a much more developed site. It has more information, the forums are more extensive (Not to mention more populated), and it is more concious of content (both on the information boards and on the forums).

The "L" Word

Originally posted, January 25, 2006 12:23am:
No, this post isn't about that show on Showtime. Truth be told, I 've never even seen that show. The "L" in this post doesn't stand for "Lesbian", although to some people it's just as bad. The "L" I'm talking about is "Liberal".

Many people like Bill O'Reilly to throw around the word "Liberal" as if it's a bad thing, and I'm Sick o it. I am a Liberal, and proud of it. So, I don't think that our lives should be lived around Bible. That doesn't mean that I'm guaranteed a spot in hell because of it. I don't like the idea of prayer in public classrooms; I don't like the idea of the Ten Commandments being posted in public schools. I do favor stem cell research, and I am Pro Choice. I like to believe that I am a free thinker. I respect people's right to having their own opinion, and I enjoy a good debate. It could also be said that conservatives are close-minded, but that doesn't make it true.

Then you have people like Pat Robertson. This guy and people who watch his show completely baffle me. I've spent six years in catholic schools, so I'm speaking from first hand experience. How can people who believe in a God that has, and I quote, "unconditional love" not be able to express such a simple thing as tolerance. I'm not asking people to condone how I live my live, but I do ask that they respect it. I don't judge them, so why do they think that they are so superior that they can judge me? The only person who can judge me is God! I couldn't believe what Pat Robertson said about Mr. Sharon, but to be honest, I was surprised. I recall once as a child I happened upon the 700 Club, and Pat Robertson was doing a story on Acupuncture and how it open up the body to the devil. This blew my mind as a kid. I'm part Japanese and Chinese. When I was growing up, I had relatives who had it done regularly . It was part of my culture growing up. I just couldn't understand what would make someone say such a thing.

I have two Lesbian cousins, and I love them dearly, so why is it that they can't get married in the eyes of the government? I say government because it doesn't matter about how it appears in the eyes of God. God is the only one who can judge anyone, and no one else's business. What about homosexuality bothers people. Like Whoopie Golberg, "If you don't believe in gay marriage then don't marry one". Now you have your Bible thumpers who say it's wrong because it's in the Bible. This is crap! I've have never heard a bigger cop out in my life. The Bible also says that fathers can sell their daughters. It also says that parents have the right to publicly kill their child for speak up against them. It also says that anyone who touches the flesh of pig should be put to death. If we all followed the literal law of the Bible, then no one would be here. If you've ever had a pork chop, or got into an argument with your parents, you're dead. If you don't like Gay marriage, then have the conviction to say that it's because you don't like it. Stop hiding behind the Bible, and stop using it as a crutch.

Now, I'm not intending this post to be anti-conservative, I'm targeting this at anyone who is not tolerant of others. As I said above, I don't believe in school prayer, and I'm pro choice, but I'm not going on TV saying that everyone who does not agree with me should go to hell. I'm not putting down other cultures just because I don't understand or agree with their traditions. So go ahead call me a "Baby Killer" if you want. You have a right to your opinion, but please also respect mine.

Not Enough Sports

Originally posted on, January 9 2006 2:31pm:
It has become apparent to me that they are more sports networks than actual sports to watch. There are seven Sports Networks on basic cable (Even more on advanced digital packages), and when you have ESPN showing the World Scrabble Championships, then you know that they are having trouble finding enough programming to fill airtime. FSN probably took the biggest hit during the Hockey strike/lock out. I vaguely recall seeing English Cricket on FSN during this period. Throw in the occasional Baseball strike, then these Sports networks are and have been screwed.

On any given day you can find a myriad of crappy programming on these many networks. I find it confusing how anyone can refer to activities like bass fishing or dogs jumping off of a dock after a Frisbee a sport. There is an entire network devoted just to golf. I mean, how much golf can a person watch. Most of the programming on these networks are hardly what you would call spectator sports.

I am a big fan of playing poker. It is a fun game, but that is what it is... A GAME. As much as I like to play poker, I think that watching it on TV is one of the most boring things you can do. The drama and fun of playing is in no way transferable through a television medium. I think that the World Series of Poker would make more sense if it were on the Game Show Network rather than on ESPN.
What is next, The World Championships for Golden Tee? How about the World Series of Darts? Or maybe the various sports networks will be clamoring for exclusive rights to the NCAA Beer Pong Championships.

When it comes to sports, I follow two simple rules.

1. Any activity that you can play while drinking is not a sport. These include such activities as Bowling, Billiards/Pool, Darts, Poker, Golf, etc.
Although I admit that these activities require a great amount of skill and technique, they are games, not sports, and thus do not belong on ESPN, FSN or any other channel that calls itself a Sports Network. It could be argued that any sport could be played while intoxicated, and many will argue that the Great Bambino himself would step up to bat after having a drink in the dug out, but it goes with out saying that just because you could play football drunk doesn't mean that you would.

2. Any activity that has to be judged is not a sport. These activities include Diving, Gymnastics, Figure Skating, Ballroom Dancing, etc. Although a great amount of athleticism is required for these activities, the fact that they are judged takes any and all competition out of them. In such events, you are not competing against an opponent, but rather are trying to fulfill a list of requirements. I admit though, that with the introduction of the X-Games (Winter games to be exact), my stance on this definition has grown a little lax. Events such as half pipe, and big air are spectacular and entertaining to watch. Suffice it to say, this rule applies mostly to the entertainment value of the event. Not many would tune in to watch Ballroom Dancing, and although figure skating is hugely popular, and garners good ratings, I still don't consider it a sport by definition.

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While surfing the net over the years, I have accumulated several blogs on different sites. These entries reflect my view of the world in terms of my stance on politics and religion, as well as an indication of my quirky and sometimes dark sense of humor.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Into the Mind of an Insomniac

Well, I guess for a first post, I’ll start with an explanation of the title that I have chosen for my blog. I have been living with chronic insomnia off and on for the past seven years. For those of you who are not familiar with insomnia, there are several different kinds of insomnia. The form of insomnia that I have is called Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. Basically, my body clock is out of whack. Unlike normal people who have body clocks that tell them to be active during the day and sleep at night, my body clock tells my brain to be active at night and sleep during the day. Under ideal conditions, I would be fine. I would still be getting the recommended eight hours a day. Where the problem arises is that I, like any other person, have a job during the day, and am not able to sleep the day away.

A common, yet extreme treatment for my form of insomnia is Chronotherapy. While undergoing Chronotherapy, I have to systematically delay my bedtime by 3-hour increments each day, establishing a 27-hour day. I continue this cycle until I have reached my desired bedtime, (11 p.m.). Once I have re-established a normal bedtime, I have to maintain that new bedtime rigidly. This is easier said than done since my job, as a Pastry Chef requires me to work long and constantly changing hours.

Over the years I have found various ways to keep myself occupied on those long sleepless nights. For a while, I was a voracious reader, reading anything and everything I could get my hands on. and Barnes and Noble had become my best friends. However, I soon found that reading could not hold my attention after a while. The sleep deprivation caused my eyes to constantly lose focus, and my mind would wonder causing me to constantly lose my place. While looking for something else to keep me occupied, a friend at work introduced me to massive multi-player online games. For the next two years I played various MMOs, which included Dark Ages of Camelot, Horizons: Empire of Istaria, and World of Warcraft. Eventually, I soon grew tired of the online gaming, and I started to look for something else. Although, I do admit that I did like the interaction that the games offered. Granted it was through a computer terminal, but I was more or less chatting with other gamers.

While fudging around on the net, I soon discovered fan fiction. I opened an account on, and started working on various fanfics. I found the creative aspect of writing far more interesting than just lounging around reading, or clicking my mouse like a mad man playing online games. I still add on to my fanfics whenever the moment moves me, but not as frequently as I used to. From fan fiction, I moved on to At first I just trolled the forums chatting with fellow couch potatoes/computer geeks about our favorite shows. After spending far more time than I’d choose to admit, I eventually became an editor and have taken on the responsibility of moderating the forum boards and info pages for several shows included on the site.

My primary obsession for the moment that has helped me through many a sleepless night is the television show “LOST”. I must say that I am totally addicted to the show. I’m even contemplating getting a DVR (which I swore I would never get due to the sheer lunacy of the price). I now spend most of my nights working on my theory (every LOST fan has one whether they admit it or not). I have it posted on a few LOST forums on the net, and has even been featured on a few podcasts, but that’s for another post.
Well, I hope that this first post lives up to the title. I’m not sure if it has given you any insights into the mind of an insomniac, but I at least hope that this was an interesting read for you.